Having Sewer problems?  We can help.  We have over 45 years of experience in the sanitary field, installing, maintaining and replacing septic systems.  Today we have come a long way in the technolgy aspect and have a much greater variety of options than the old stone and pipe method.  Things we use today have proven themselves over the years to be much more reliable cost effective and cleaner installation.  

Using this type of material called EZ-Flow we are able to manipulate where the drain field goes. In tight quarters whether it is trees, buildings, property lines we can
avoid or go around obstacles while continuing with the same trench. This is good because when you break up the trench the system will not funciton as well as if it were in a constant strech.  When water goes into your drainfield it drains very slow.  If you have 2 split treches then the one will pond/fail prematurely do to the fact the other trech won't be utilized until it is to late.