Plumbing Services

As installers of sewer, water and gas lines, much of our work involves bathroom
. We can help you make your dream bathroom a reality, make small and major repairs, and service your plumbing fixtures and equipment. We install bathroom plumbing fixtures and hydronic heating systems, and service hot water
heaters, too.


We can also help with sanitary needs. Much of our work also comes for the great outdoors installing and maintaining septic systems. We design, install, and help maintain your system from day one.


Need a soil test? We do that as well. Are experience goes back to the date of inception of licensed soil testing in Wisconsin (1974).



- We did the first mound system in Lincoln County which is still in

- The first sand filter was also installed in Lincoln by us which is still
in operation.

- Install a range of 40-60 septic systems annually

- We can install Mound (A+0) systems, conventional, lift, pressure,
at-grade, Holding tanks, sand filters, Experimental, and rejuvenation systems


We're always here for you in an emergency. If a pipe breaks, turn
to us. We'll respond quickly and find a solution so you can rest easy.